My game now has a testing community on G+ –

Join it to download the latest version. It’s still in early alpha but already playable. I want to see that my graphics engine runs fine on various devices. So please join in to see how Hunt evolve.


TheHunt mutates!

Those who follow my github (I know there aren’t many of you ;-)) already know about the exciting changes in TheHunt the past few weeks. For everyone else – listen up!

Firstly, zooming in and out! Works well and intuitive (made me realize the default world size is not so big…)

palette_knifepalette_inactive palette_net








Secondly, the palette I promised a while ago is finally here. While it doesn’t impress with looks, the functionality is so so useful! Let me tell you – every time you touch the screen the palette appears instantaneously, allowing the quick change of tools. What if you want to use your tool instead? All is good, just drag outside the boundaries of the palette and it disappears, letting you either finish a net or cut something.

And last but not least, the Prey started to evolve! The evolution system I came up with is:

  • Prey body is divided into body parts – currently Head, Body and Tail. They are pretty much independent and only need to know the points where they bind with their surrounding body parts
  • This gives them freedom to evolve independently as well. Head, for example, starts off without eyes or ears (or whatever fish have that lets them hear) and has two mutations – eyes (eyes appear on the graphic and allow it to see Algae in the front) and hearing (head gets bigger, prey runs away from ploks!)
  • Currently all mutations happen at random and have a chance to happen on death and on GM food eaten

I’m excited that TheHunt begins to look much more like a game now! I’m going to be back soon with more mutations ^_^

TheHunt – making progress!

The past month has been really exciting for me – please excuse my absence, but in my defense, I found an internship for the summer! Has to do with Android and security – two of the things that excite me, so I’m happy ^_^

Now on the topic – TheHunt got three cool improvements:

  • A Knife tool! Still haven’t made the cool contextual menu, but a long click now switches between Net and Knife. What does Knife do? Let me show you:



  • Prey now actually chases after user-generated food with priority – this makes the idea of feeding the fish to lure it out of algae and catch it much more feasible!
  • The Net tool now interacts with the environment better and catches algae and food in it’s range. This changes the way score is calculated a bit – 10 points for a Prey, -1 points * size for Algae and -1 point for Food caught (tentative)

Finally, a playable TheHunt! But this is only the beginning. Coming soon:

  • Prey has 3 states, the way it currently is and 2 upgrades. The states change the Prey’s appearance and intelligence, and the Prey upgrades state when it eats a food from the player (explanation is, the food is GMO) and returns to normal state once caught. This way, the more you feed the fish without catching it, the more difficult it gets to catch it. Yay!
  • Zoom in/out controls, finally
  • Some animations to make it look fancier – algae shiver, GMO food shines

Once this is done, TheHunt will be much closer to release! As always, please let me know if you have cool ideas or don’t like mine – now is the best time to change stuff!

TheHunt – The Future

Recently I was struck by a few nice ideas about TheHunt and I’m in a hurry to write them down. Here we go:

  • Knife tool. Been thinking for a while how to deal with fish hiding in a huge algae and now I think I figured it out – using the knife to cut the big into small ones. Should be easy to implement, I give it half a week.
  • Contextual menu on long-click. Long press somewhere, you get a nice pop-up menu where you can change tools, maybe request info about the object picked and other undecided stuff. Navigate in it without releasing the press. Can be tricky, I give it a week.
  • Simplified interface. Just one number in the top middle, showing score. Long press for a menu, maybe pop-ups with more information if needed. After contextual menu is implemented, only pop-ups will be missing.
  • Nicer font. I will experiment, but I’m thinking of something that looks hand-drawn. Easy to implement, but may require some time to find a proper font. I give it a day.

A quick concept to show the simplified interface and the contextual menu (didn’t include the knife and the nicer font)


In a week or two I hope to have made a visible progress towards a more playable TheHunt!