TheHunt – making progress!

The past month has been really exciting for me – please excuse my absence, but in my defense, I found an internship for the summer! Has to do with Android and security – two of the things that excite me, so I’m happy ^_^

Now on the topic – TheHunt got three cool improvements:

  • A Knife tool! Still haven’t made the cool contextual menu, but a long click now switches between Net and Knife. What does Knife do? Let me show you:



  • Prey now actually chases after user-generated food with priority – this makes the idea of feeding the fish to lure it out of algae and catch it much more feasible!
  • The Net tool now interacts with the environment better and catches algae and food in it’s range. This changes the way score is calculated a bit – 10 points for a Prey, -1 points * size for Algae and -1 point for Food caught (tentative)

Finally, a playable TheHunt! But this is only the beginning. Coming soon:

  • Prey has 3 states, the way it currently is and 2 upgrades. The states change the Prey’s appearance and intelligence, and the Prey upgrades state when it eats a food from the player (explanation is, the food is GMO) and returns to normal state once caught. This way, the more you feed the fish without catching it, the more difficult it gets to catch it. Yay!
  • Zoom in/out controls, finally
  • Some animations to make it look fancier – algae shiver, GMO food shines

Once this is done, TheHunt will be much closer to release! As always, please let me know if you have cool ideas or don’t like mine – now is the best time to change stuff!