Shuffling and thoughts on design

Fancy, too bad it doesn’t feature Dart Vader.

As I have said a few times already, I know the design of Primal Pond is not quite perfect, but I am very very restricted by the locked-down WordPress engine. Thinking about hosting my own blog (somewhere around end of the month, most probably). Possibly still WordPress, hopefully the full number of features will satisfy my customization hunger. I can’t be bothered with making my own blogging platform for two reasons:

  • Why reinvent the wheel?
  • I don’t quite have the skills to reinvent the wheel anyway…

Yes, my web development experience is scarce. I am going to do something about it during the summer – a few web courses, possibly a book on design? Having my own hosting will also be useful here, to showcase my work and get feedback from my swarming followers…

Expect a very special post tomorrow! (yes, very special means possibly more meaningful)


Robohash and website faces

Primal Pond’s Robohash Set 1 vs Set 2 vs Set 3

I didn’t like the geometric shapes (called Identicon) I had as a default Gravatar image, so did a quick look around. Turns out – surprise-surprise, many tools exit that generate a random image given string (be it an email, or IP address, or just about everything). I’m on robot wave right now (as you might have noticed from my previous post), so I was so happy to find Robohash – hashing strings to robot images.

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