RoboAnt: How to Make your Own Robot

Here are three blog posts I wrote on the University of Edinburgh Insect Robotics Group blog that describe in detail how I made RoboAnt.

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d3kod’s Mechanized Android

Update 30.04.2012 – Changed the mute/unmute pin to input and activated the pull-up resistor (because that’s the proper way to do it). Thanks frazzledbadger!

With my Mechanized Android now gone to it’s intended recipient (who’s been waiting for it for ages now, sorry for that!), here are the details of making it that may or may not help someone in my situation. For a great step-by-step explanation of the whole process follow the original guide. That’s what I did, anyway. Here I focus on the mute/unmute upgrade I made.

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Video of d3kod’s Mechanized Android in action

Finally, after 2 failed attempts and nearly a year of procrastination, my Mechanized Android is finished and working! As you could imagine I had several problems near the final, including broken solders, loose cables and this-just-doesn’t-fit moments. I am quite happy with the result though. The mute/unmute button works! ^^

As for the promised schematics and assembly code… tomorrow.