Darwin in the primal pond, http://www.carroll.it

A long read on Wikipedia or the artistic interpretation above can tell you what primal pond (also known as primordial soup) is – a watery mixture of organic molecules where around 3.5 billion years ago life on Earth began. That is, many scientists think so and it sounds feasible to me, too. But whether it’s true or not doesn’t matter too much here.

So what does my blog have to do with a primal pond? After all, yes, you may find the posts here as simple as the simplest organic molecules, but I don’t expect any life forms to emerge.

Actually, believe it or not, the thing I strive for is conceptually similar – throw in some thoughts on topics that interest me (and possibly you) with the hope that something bigger comes out as a result (which will one day grow feet and walk away). What is this something? I don’t know yet 😉 If nothing else, this blog will serve as a storage for my thoughts and a (hopefully) not-that-bad read for you.

Expect posts about informatics, programming and software development, computers, mobiles and electrical gadgets, also fantasy and gaming talk. Last but not least, given the right mood, expect philosophical narratives on topics as broad as the vast primal pond (and as empty of meaningful content, too).



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