Android & Arduino Unite

It was a day like any other when my Honours Project supervisor told me he has a surprise for me. Must be something to do with my Honours Project, I thought – system for ant movement detection, a small air-supported trackball. Back then it was in the hands of the technicians and we were expecting it any time now… for quite some time.

But instead he handed me a Zumo Robot. Wow, was I excited!

A few days later I had nearly forgotten about the ant tracking system because I was having fun remote-controlling the robot from a laptop talking to a Nexus 5 talking to the Arduino attached to the robot’s pins. And if you shiver at the thought of such integration, worry not! Because it went surprisingly smooth. And also because I am releasing everything open source.


In the few follow-up posts I will show you how to make your own robot. This one is just to tease you.

Source code (work in progress) –
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