Happy Beltane! And a week’s worth of blogging

Beltane Fire Festival Dancers

It’s Beltane today! (Wikipedia) Went to an amazing fire show (It was dark and I don’t have a proper camera, so no pictures from me, sorry). I actually quite like pagan rituals like that… feels like a step back to my origins (I am sure my ancestors were wild men living in the mountains… not that many generations ago, either).

Now, one more thing happens today – one week since I started blogging! Maybe time for reflection on the tasks I have set in my first post?

  • At least a post per day – Sure, still hanging there, with the assumption that it’s not tomorrow until I sleep
  • Post something meaningful from time to time d3kod’s Mechanized Android and possibly Robohash and website faces… it’s you to judge, people!
  • Work on the design – Except for adding a “Follow me” shortcut, nothing done here… Definately a Todo for the coming week
  • Get people to follow and interact – Partially successful thanks to frazzledbadger! Thank you, man, you’re great! More followers in the coming week? Yes, please!

All in all, looks like I made some progress, but I should work on design and popularization. Well… tomorrow 😉


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