LOST and a big promise for tomorrow

To be honest, not much happening in my head lately… to an extend that I actually see myself as a boring person. However, I blame a string of unfortunate events for that, and I am going to rise up against the odds and try to win.

The first step is to finish up a few tasks I have been delaying for ages.

I have been working on a Mechanized Android Figure for almost a year now. After following the mentioned Instructable and ended up with a working robot in the fall, but unfortunately after a glorious first run it died. Reason? Let’s say the person who did the assembly must have been rather inexperienced as it was a complete mess inside and impossible to fix easily after one of the cables went loose.

Soon after that I started from scratch, this time a bit better prepared for what lies ahead. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time or motivation to start for a third time when the electronics failed me, unsurprisingly after having been nicely glued.

Yes, failing two times at something not that difficult sounds miserable. But everything would be a waste only if I don’t finish it at all, which I intend to do by… tomorrow.

As a small compensation for the immense delay, I am going to include extra functionality – a switch to mute the robot (after some feedback I got about how annoying the sounds it makes can be… good point, when I thought about it) .

So expect a video and the updated assembly code and schematics tomorrow, right here!

*heats up the soldering iron*



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